Friday, September 11, 2015

Media Arts 3 | Assignment 1 | Game Comparison

For this comparison, I will be comparing the different kinds of games played between two distinctive generations. The reason why I want to focus on games is because through the century, playing a game that involves two or more people have been a pass time and a way to socialize between friends and family. Games come in many forms whether it would be and outdoor game, board game, and even the more recent video games. For this comparison, I will be comparing between Gen X (1950s-1970s) to Gen Y (1980s-2000s)

Gen X
In the 1950s to the 1970s, board games started to grow in popularity. Aside from the very traditional types, many new types of board games started to be released in the market and quickly gained popularity especially among the family audience. Some follows a certain theme.

Monopoly is a very well-known and timeless board game. The objective of the game is to simply make the most money out of all the players. How that is done is by buying property and charging rent to other players all over the board. In other words, it is the grammar school definition to capitalism.

Battleship was another iconic game which was designed to be played between to people. Since it was still considered the post-war era, the general public had an interest in the war theme. The game battleship capitalized on this where it simulates a battle out in open seas. The board itself replicates an actual radar screen on a battle ship.

Gen Y
Entering into the 1980s saw the start of the video game era. Among the first video games that came out at the time was a microprocessor-based console called ‘Pong’. ‘Pong’ was basically a very simple ping pong game that can be played by two people.

From the 1980s to the early 2000s, majority of console and video games maintain an element of socialism. Thus, the reason the majority of consoles have between two to four controllers. Among some of the iconic games throughout that time that revolved heavily with multi-player gaming were Super Smash Bros and Mario Party that was based on the theme of calling friends over to play along.

Among other games that use the same element but based on different themes are GoldenEye 007 (first person shooter), Mario Kart (racing) and the ever so popular Fifa and other sports games.

All the way up to the 2000s, games regardless on a board or in a TV screen, there was always a social element. Meaning it would be meaningless to play without friends in the same room. Nowadays though, games have become more of an individual past time. This becomes more evident when mobile gaming became huge in the present day. Thus, causing the phenomenon of ‘anti-socialism’ becoming a norm. I would like to see the social element to be back.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Street Racing: Screen Designs.

This here is the latest on idealization on my topic 'Street Racing'. I came up with three mock ups.

The first one resembles a grave with a FIA approved racing bucket seat as the headstone. Roses are also placed on to make it look like a recent death.

The second one looks like a high back wheelchair. This one resembles life long disability. The chair is replaced with a racing bucket seat to give a slight clue on why the person became permanently disable.
The third one is almost similar to the first where the central idea is death. This time, it is as if the casket is the vehicle. Inside is equip with a typical racing interior. This includes racing bucket seats, harnesses, and steering wheel. This gives a sense that if one street race, the casket could be their 'next vehicle' to drive.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Street Racing: Sketches

After a bit of thought, I have came up with some sketches that can be suited for the topic as metaphoric visuals.

The first sketch shows a driver signing a contract to the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper is known as the spirit of death. This symbolizes when one race on the streets, they put their lives on the line. Metaphorically, the  person is promising his life to the Grim Reaper or death.

This is also similar to the first sketch. But this time, the grim reaper is in the passenger seat. This symbolizes when one's adrenaline is pumping, he will start making foolish decisions that can cost one's life.
This sketch is a bit different on idea. Basically this shows a wheelchair with a bucket seat and harnesses. Bucket seats is a strong resemblance of racing as it is a standard safety requirement in all race cars. The image of a wheelchair resembles the lifetime injuries caused by street racing.
 This sketch is a bit similar to the previous one yet this conveys a stronger message since it emphasizes on death instead of injury. With the bucket seat as the tomb stone, one can have agood guess of what the deceased died from.

In my opinion, the last sketch would be the best since the elements are very familiar yet it conveys a strong message loud and clear. This is basically just a mock up of the metaphoric design. With the bucket seat as the tomb stone and the dirt to resemble a grave.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Media Arts 2: Street Racing Proposal:


Street Racing: Where the speed kills you.

Street racing is an illegal form of motor racing that occurs on public roads. Street races can be spontaneous or well-coordinated and organized. There are a lot of types of street racing forms but most agree street racing originated during the 1930s in the United States due to the prohibition of illegal liquor (moonshine) trafficking during the time.

Street racing is now a worldwide issue which happens in any country where automobiles are easy to obtain including USA, Japan, Canada, Europe and Australia. Studies suggest that the two main causes for this issue to occur are firstly lack of funds and facilities for the racer to practices and carry out their interests (car-modification and recreational driving). The other cause would be projection of mass media and pop culture where street racing is projected through blogs, films and Youtube videos.

Road Safety
The biggest issue concerning street racing is the aspect of lack of safety where accidents can occur. This endangers both racers and by-standers. Street racing related deaths in the US alone involves young men aged 15-29 is at a whopping 58% which sparks a major concern among authorities.

Car theft
Street racers are also known to be able to obtain highly sawed after parts and highly skilled in car customization. Due to the motivation to make ones car go faster, a person can go to many lengths to for find a particular part. This can also drive a person to convict car theft and carjacking. Police statistics suggest currently the most stolen car in the US and locally in Malaysia is the Honda Integra and Proton Satria GTi respectfully. Both these types of cars are known to be respective vehicles when it comes to street racing.  

Therefore, authorities must address this issue delicately. Car enthusiast will always want to test out their modified cars. So if authorities kind these individuals to a safe path, less street racing related fatalities would happen. It would take a long period of time to resolve the issue but it can be prevented. It is just a matter of doing things in the right place.



-Veteran driver
-Was once part of his local racing syndicate.
-Once lost a friend due to illegal racing.


-Young men aged 15-29 who have an interest in cars and motoring.
-This type of people is prone to be involved in illegal racing since majority of illegal racers come from this age group.
-Living in an urban and modern surrounding where street cultures flourish. Regardless of racial background.
-Exposed to Hollywood type action films.
-The audience will also be able to know about the dangers of street racing.

The issue basically addresses that street racing syndicates is a catalyst to many types of other criminal activity including theft, gang-related crimes and reckless driving. This syndicate is also a major cause of death for young men. If not stopped, families will suffer due to the lost of the young men in their families.

Photos by Mat Canyon