Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Street Racing: Screen Designs.

This here is the latest on idealization on my topic 'Street Racing'. I came up with three mock ups.

The first one resembles a grave with a FIA approved racing bucket seat as the headstone. Roses are also placed on to make it look like a recent death.

The second one looks like a high back wheelchair. This one resembles life long disability. The chair is replaced with a racing bucket seat to give a slight clue on why the person became permanently disable.
The third one is almost similar to the first where the central idea is death. This time, it is as if the casket is the vehicle. Inside is equip with a typical racing interior. This includes racing bucket seats, harnesses, and steering wheel. This gives a sense that if one street race, the casket could be their 'next vehicle' to drive.

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